How To Raise Dairy Goats

If you want to learn how to raise dairy goats, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the information out there. Sure, you can find posts on Pinterest, goat groups on Facebook, blogs, and even actual “hold in your hand to read” books. 

There is so much to sift through to get the information you need, and Simple Living Country Gal is here to help.

how to raise dairy goats

I mean who wants to surf the internet looking for this and that when all you want to do is buy some goats already?

I have been raising my little herd of lovelies for just short of 5 years now. I am the first to say I am no expert, but I have learned a thing or two over the years that just might be helpful.

To make things just a tad easier for you, I compiled my best goat posts in one handy dandy spot. From breeding to kidding and everything in between.  Just find and click the image below that you are interested in and a new window will open up keeping this one open.

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Happy goats means happy owners!!

How to raise dairy goats

Let’s start with storage and shelters because keeping what you feed your goats free from pests and dampness is going to play a huge part in their overall health. I learned early in that when you invest your time raising goats that are strong and healthy rather than dealing with goats that are weak and prone to worms and illnesses. 

Breeding Dairy Goats

Breeding your goats is another crucial part of raising healthy and happy goats. My best tip is to work to keep everyone healthy so you do not have to deal with bigger problems later on. 

If you have goat kids coming soon let’s go over what you will want to have ready before the kids arrive. 

After the kids have arrived you will want to be ready for all that amazing milk that is now going to come your way!

If you are having trouble milking your goat, this may help.

Dairy Goat Shelter Setup

Next, let’s talk about creating a safe space for your goats to enjoy while they are outside. Don’t let this part overwhelm you, just a few steps and you can have a great pasture that your goats can use to get access to fresh graze and grass. 

Training Dairy Goats

Teaching your goats to listen is not only helpful it is crucial for a safe herd. Not all goats can be trained, however, these tips will help you to get started teaching your herd to listen and, in turn, create a safe setup for you and your family. 

Bookmark this page for help on how to raise dairy goats. A great and useful resource you can use all year long. 

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