About Tracy Lynn

Hi there! Welcome to Simple Living Country Gal. I am Tracy Lynn, owner and founder of Simple Living Country Gal. I am mom to four grown boys and two little grand nuggets, and even though it is now just my husband and myself, the crew still comes home often to hang out with their folks.

About Simple Living Country Gal

In 2016, I started my blog to share my homestead journey. It’s true, I began at a late age and that meant I had a pretty steep learning curve. Now, my site is where I share everything I learned in the hopes that I can help women who also want to learn to live a more simple lifestyle because it’s never too late to start!

Recently, I have seen a surge in our growth as more and more people are looking to do more at home by using what they already have. Through our motto, “Make it, raise it, or grow it so you don’t have to buy it,” I have helped people become more confident in their skills. Skills such as growing their own food and then preserving that food to help sustain their family throughout the colder months. 

My goal is to encourage women to take on more of a homesteading role in their homes no matter where they live and what stage of life they are in. I love to show easier ways of gardening and an effortless homesteading approach so anyone can enjoy this amazing lifestyle. I love to encourage folks to see things from a different perspective and know they do have room for a garden even if they do not have a backyard.

I write about a variety of homesteading topics, that include:

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