Super Simple DIY Udder Wash

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If you are looking for a recipe with only natural ingredients to clean your goat’s udder, these recipes on DIY udder wash are just what you need.

Having fresh goat milk is usually the biggest reason to learn how to raise dairy goats. Let’s talk about how to ensure that goat milk is fresh every single time you milk, and hint…it all starts with a clean udder.

simple diy udder wash

One of my favorite things about homesteading is making what I need rather than buying it from the store. I love being self-sufficient and the challenge of living off of what we have. If I run out of something, I just head to my kitchen or feed room to make what I need.

Also, imagine how much money you could save if you made what you need rather than buying it.

Top it all off with the health benefits of homemade over, purchased from a store and you have another reason to DIY as much as you can. Whether it be food, cleaning supplies, or personal products, making things yourself is, in my opinion, better.

A woman measuring ingredients into a cup

When I first began milking my goats, there were so many things to learn regarding the “how” that I never even considered making my own udder wash. In the beginning, if I needed it, I simply bought it. I soon realized that the udder wash I was using contained very harsh chemicals, and I realized this was not something I wanted on them or near me.

Not only that, the harshness really affected my goat’s udder, making them dry and sore. It got to the point where milking was painful for her and beyond stressful for me.

Looking back, I cringe to think of what I was doing. I was blindly trusting manufacturers to make decisions regarding the care and well-being of my goats FOR me.

The beauty of being self-sufficient is you make your own decisions. All the way down to the ingredients. The choice was mine now to make.

I began researching homemade washes, but all the recipes I found contained, of all things, bleach. And no matter how small the amount was, I wasn’t comfortable using bleach on such a sensitive area of my goat.

I finally found a few recipes that work great and are gentle on my goats as well as my hands.

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Why do you need to clean an udder before you milk?

Goats like to lie down to reset and to sleep, which means their udders are probably coming into contact with soiled ground and bedding. Washing the udder removes any debris keeping less dirt and dust out of the milk.

tan doe lying down in a barn

DIY Udder Wash Option one

This is a great recipe that is quick to make. The foaming wash smells great and works well while being gentle.



  • Mix directly into a container.
  • Add 1 or 2 reusable rags that are lint-free.
  • As you need to clean, gently mix the contents.
  • Ring out one of the rags in the container.
  • Use it to wipe down the udder completely.
diy homemade udder wash

DIY Udder Wash Option two

This recipe requires more ingredients giving a larger cost up front, but is less expensive to make. Again, it is gentle to your goat’s udder yet cleans thoroughly.



  • Put all ingredients into a spray bottle and fill with water.
  • Spray onto the udder and wipe dry before milking.

Udder Wash Option three

If you are not a fan of using oils and do not want to use chemicals like bleach, this is a simple option.


  • Water
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Lint-free rags


  • Add 1-2 drops of Dawn dish soap to 8 cups of water.
  • Add a few lint-free rags.
  • Store in an airtight container.
  • Ring out a rag and use it to wipe down the entire udder before milking.

Udder Wash Option Four

Finally, you can use baby wipes to wash your goat’s udder prior to milking. Not only are they affordable, but they have all-natural options that are really gentle on udders.

Using a DIY udder wash is a great way to clean and prep your goat for milking every day. Choose any of the options above and give it a try.

Starting with a clean udder is a great way to ensure you have the best tasting goat milk every time.

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DIY udder wash

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