Molasses water for goats

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Keeping goats healthy is the best way to raise a strong, robust herd. The most important way to encourage their health is to ensure they are eating and drinking. If you have goats that do not drink enough water, then giving molasses water for goats will help.

How to raise dairy goats that are healthy and happy, starting with what they drink.


I am not alone when I say I love having goats, and maybe that is why they have become an increasingly popular choice for many homesteaders. They are easy to care for and provide a tremendous amount of benefits; milk, meat, and fiber, to name a few. Raising goats can be a bit intimidating, however, especially if you are new to livestock.

I have learned over the years that being proactive with my animal’s health reduces the occurrence of health issues overall. A good rule of thumb is to ensure they are eating the best and drinking enough. This means ensuring they have access to plenty of clean water every day.

This does sound easy enough; however, some goats can be finicky drinkers and resist drinking as much as they should. This is where molasses comes in as a useful tool to encourage them to stay hydrated. I’ll share with you the benefits of using molasses for goats and the various ways it can help.

Baby goat being held in a woman's arms

Molasses water for goats

Water is essential for all living things, and goats are no exception. A goat’s average water intake is about one to two gallons per day, but it can increase during hot summer months, lactation, and pregnancy periods. Keeping them hydrated is necessary to help them maintain metabolic functions, prevent constipation, provide essential nutrients to the body, excrete waste, and much more. Lack of water can cause dehydration, which leads to stress, decreased milk yield, and even death in extreme cases.

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How can molasses help goats to drink more water?

Molasses is a thick, dark syrup-like substance produced during the sugar-making process. It includes high amounts of natural sugar, minerals, and antioxidants. Adding molasses in their water dish tempts goats to drink more. The taste makes it more appealing and masks any unpleasant taste that may come from new waterlines, thus making them drink more frequently.

Molasses is rich in sugar and considered a natural energy boost for goats. It has been used as a feed supplement for centuries, especially for pregnant and lactating goats. It provides an immediate source of energy that can help them support their pregnant and nursing mothers’ requirements. We even include a jar of molasses in our goat birthing kit. Molasses is especially useful when the goat is delivering kids, providing them with an energy boost needed to get through labor and birth. It also helps to restore blood glucose levels that often drop during the stress of delivery.

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How Else Can Molasses be Used with Goats?

Apart from being used as a direct source of energy, molasses is employed in several ways that help improve the goats’ overall well-being.

  1. Molasses is an excellent ingredient for preparing herbal wormer dosing balls.
  2. Molasses can be given to a goat in labor to keep her energy up for delivery.
  3. Rubbing molasses on a newborn goat’s gums is an excellent method to give them an energy boost. Because their digestion system is not fully developed at birth, drinking milk may take a few hours to provide energy; molasses can tide them over until then.
2 newborn goat kids lying in a pile of straw

When choosing molasses, it’s essential to select the right kind. It’s recommended to use unsulphured molasses that contains all the natural minerals and antioxidants. Sulphured molasses contains a chemical preservative that is used to prolong its lifespan, but it can cause problems in some goats. As for where to purchase, molasses is readily available in local farm supply stores, feed stores, and even online.

On our farm, we use black-strap molasses for our goats.

Where can I purchase molasses for my goats?

Molasses is readily available in local farm supply stores, feed stores, and even online.

Molasses is an excellent and natural way to encourage goats to drink more water. When used correctly, it can be a valuable tool to keep them hydrated and healthy, especially during pregnancy, lactation, and hot summer months. Molasses also has its advantages apart from its primary purpose. It is a natural energy boost and an ingredient for making herbal wormer dosing balls.

With this sweet solution in hand, you can keep your happy, healthy, and hydrated goats around for years to come.

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