DIY Chicken Coop Ideas

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Homesteading can be expensive, especially when adding animals to the mix. My goal is to find cheaper ways to do things. If you agree, then this list of DIY Chicken Coop Ideas is a great place to start.

Raising chickens doesn’t have to break the bank, and these DIY ideas will help!


Raising chickens is a great way to get started with animals. Not only are they self-sufficient, but the eggs they provide are a great reason to add even a few to your homestead. It’s true you can find beautiful coops online, but many times the price tags for those setups are pretty high. You can choose to use free plans such as the ones from Easy Coops and build a magazine worthy house for a lot less.

Getting ideas online can help you know what you want to be included inside the coop for a healthy and thriving flock. From roosts to nesting boxes and even dust baths, we have a few great ideas to check out.

What do you need in a chicken coop?

A chicken coop should, first and foremost, be a secure space for your entire flock to eat, drink, sleep, and lay their eggs. Here are a few more things to have as well.

  • Roosts – Where chickens perch at night.
  • Nesting boxes – Where chickens lay their eggs.
  • Waterer and feeder
  • Dust baths – How chickens keep themselves clean and parasite-free.
  • Enclosed run – For daily protection from predators.
  • Coop door – Manual or automatic to let chickens in and out.
  • Solar lighting – In case you need to go in at night to check on your hens.

DIY Chicken Roost

Having a good roost is important for a happy and healthy flock. Roosts are where chickens sleep, and because of their poor night vision, they prefer to be up off the ground. Build free roosts by using branches found around your home. Love this nature-inspired way of repurposing.

a chicken sitting on a branch style roost in a coop
Source: DIY Danielle

Another option for a roost is to use scrap wood and build a ladder that you can use for just a few chickens all the way to a large flock. The different levels allow for plenty of space for a flock without taking up too much room in a coop.

black chickens perched on a ladder roost inside of a coop
See the DIY here!

SLCG Pro Tip: You will want to have about ten inches of roosting space for each chicken in your flock.

Nesting Boxes

Having the right nesting boxes will not only protect your eggs until you can collect them but also ensure you have a setup that is easy to keep clean. I have found that plastic crates work great because they are easy to clean and give good airflow as well.

The only DIY needed is the framework that you can make using scrap wood, as we did.

nesting boxes in a chicken coop with a black chicken in front
See the DIY Here!

SLCG Pro Tip: You will want to have one nesting box for every four birds in your coop. This will keep everyone happy without too much fighting. Just know that your chickens often choose the same location to lay their eggs.

DIY Chicken Run

Having a space that is protected allows your flock to enjoy a bit of outside without risk from predators. A run is also a great way to give your flock fresh air and have access to clean ground they can scratch on. When building a run, ensure it is secure at the ground level to keep rodents out and high enough to keep flying predators out.

If building high sides for your chicken run is not an option. You can put a top on the run by using fencing. This box-style run is a great solution if you only have a few chickens or are short on space. By using fencing on the top you eliminate the risk of air predators taking things one step further to protect your chickens.

a chicken in a small outside run
Source: Mr Animal Farm

DIY Chicken Coop Meat Tractor

A meat tractor for chickens is an easy way to keep a flock of hens without having to build a permanent run on your property. Reuse fencing, wood, a gate, and feed bags to turn what might be seen as trash into a movable and efficient chicken temporary run.


Shed Chicken Coops

Taking something old and transforming it into something completely different is the best part of homesteading. Being able to see things in another way allows your creative juices to really flow.

Take our coop, for example. We had an old shed that we used as a pig shelter for years. When we decided to raise chickens, we just knew this shed was the building for the job.

a chicken coop in a shed
See the DIY here!

You can also start out with a brand new shed giving you a clean pallet to use, setting up a lovely space for your chickens. Not always the most affordable approach, but if you want things a specific way, this is a good option to consider.

SLCG Pro Tip: You will want to have about four square feet of coop space for every chicken in your coop. When choosing a shed to turn into a coop, you will want a base number as well as more, just in case you plan to grow your flock.

a red chicken coop with a front porch
Source: Boreal Bloom Homestead

Chick Brooder

Finally, having a dedicated space for your chicks can help them to start out healthy and happy from day one. I love this DIY brooder so much! It is up off the ground, protected on all sides, and looks easy to clean. You can reuse wood, chicken wire, and other supplies you may have around your homestead to turn this project into an affordable one.

a wooden box on 4 legs with the lid up that has chicken wire on it. Has the words "" on the box
Source: MrAnimalFarm

Using the supplies around your home to build the things you need for your chickens is a great way to save money on your homestead. These DIY chicken coop ideas will inspire you to build a setup where your chickens thrive year-round.

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