The Ultimate Gift List for Young Men and Teens

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Get ready for the ultimate gift ideas for young Men—a list of gifts my own men would love to get this holiday. Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, so I hope this list helps you do just that.

gifts for men

Christmas can be a little tricky when you are surrounded by men like I am. Especially when it comes to stocking stuffer gift ideas, luckily, this post will give you plenty of gift ideas for men.

Since I first made this list, it has grown…big time. Some (quite a few, actually) of these gifts will not fit in a stocking. So, under the tree, some of these babies may have to go!

I have four grown sons, two brothers, three brothers-in-law, four nephews, two Grand Nuggets, and a picky husband to buy for every year. So I think I have just a little experience shopping for guys.  I know how hard it can be to come up with gift ideas, especially small ones, for in the stockings.  

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This list is pretty large, so I tried to make it easier to read by sorting it into categories.  These are all things I have purchased at one time or another for my crew, and I hope this will get those creative gift-giving juices flowing!

The trick to stocking stuffers is to find things that are just for the recipient. No matter how mundane the gift, if it is something they use, they will be grateful to find it in their stocking.

The Ultimate Gift Ideas For Men

My grown boys still love that I wrap their favorite hair wax, and they panic if they do not find fingernail clippers tucked into the toe. I am not sure why this is such a hot commodity in our home, but it is, nonetheless.

Personal Items:

Personal items are easier to give to a family member, especially if you know what they like. When in doubt, giving basic items in this area is a safer way to go. Try asking what items they like to use in the spring or summer and keep that list tucked away for the next holiday season.

For the traveler:

Having items that help to make traveling more comfortable is a great gift idea and with so many new gadgets there are always fun things to find.

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I like to tuck a silly gift or two in the toe of the stocking to give them something to laugh at once they have gone through everything else inside.


Office supplies are one of those types of gifts that everyone needs and most actually enjoy receiving as gifts.


If you have a gamer to buy for, there are all kinds of great gift ideas to consider. You can think outside of the box and look for things to give comfort when sitting and gaming. Things for their chair, the floor, their wrists, and even lighting.

  • Surge protector
  • Mousepad
  • Earbuds
  • Electronic cleaner


Gifts for travel and car cleaning, organizing, and upkeep are all great ideas to consider as gifts.

  • Car care wipes
  • Gift Card to a gas station
  • Gift Card to a car wash
  • Umbrella
  • Car catch pockets (these things are so cool, and my boys all love them!)
  • Car freshener
  • AAA subscription
  • Flashlight/help light
  • Emergency kit

Hobbies and Pastimes:

This section has loads of ideas for sports, hobbies, and other things guys enjoy doing in their free time.


Everyone in our family loves to golf, and that means we have a large list for anyone who loves it, too.


These gifts will work for kayaking, canoeing, and other water sports.


There are so many options to give as gifts for the fisherman and they will be so touched to see a gift given to them for a sport they enjoy doing.


Whether you give a gifts for watching sports or playing, this list of ideas is sure to have a few options that work.


We love to camp and there are so many ideas to give as gifts. This includes tent camping, cabins, RV’s, and campers.

  • First aid kit
  • Pocket knife  (do not purchase for children)
  • Hammock


I find giving clothes a tricky topic, and I tend to stick to more neutral ideas here. This way I am not forcing my style onto the recipient.

Working out:

I just love how many new items are coming out for folks that enjoy working out. From weights, to yoga, calisthenics, running, biking, and more

  • Jump rope
  • Subscription to a weightlifting magazine

For the Skier or Snowboarder:

Winter is the perfect time to give gifts for winter sports. When in doubt, a gift card for food to their local resort is always a great option.

Misc Sports (as a player)

Sports equipment is another great area for gift ideas. Again, this might be hard to purchase just what your recipient likes but there are a few generic ideas on here that may be a great fit.

Household care:

I love to give these items as gifts because, let’s face it, they can be so expensive and the last thing my boys want to spend money on. I also like to look for unique things that will help them to keep their homes neat and organized.

  • Swifter duster 

Laundromat and laundry supplies:

Even if they have their own washer and dryer where they live or if they live at home, this section may still have a few ideas you want to give.

Cell Phone:

Yes, this list is short, but I still wanted to include a few of these gift ideas for men.

Just for fun:

Oh yes, fun…my favorite list so far! I love to give gifts that make people laugh and smile so I spent a bit more time in this area.

Food items

Always a hit in our home if food. Especially if I can find fun and unique ideas to give, another hit with my boys the older they get is homemade sweets.

  • Cereal marshmallows (my kids expect this gift every year, a big hit!)
  • Homemade cookies, granola bars, fudge, or candy
  • Chips
  • Coffee Mug filled with flavored creamers
  • Travel Mug

In the Kitchen

The older my boys get, the more they love getting kitchen items in their stockings and as gifts. Oh, and they are so much fun to buy too!

  • Bacon skillet (this is a gift for this year…shhh, don’t tell anyone!)


Rounding out this list are random items that really do not belong anywhere else so they now have a list all their own.

  • Picture hanging kit
  • Tape measure
  • Fun colored duct tape
  • Funny t-shirts

Finding the perfect gift for the men in our lives can be a stressful task, but it doesn’t have to be. I hope this list of gift ideas for men helps to remove just some of the stress of gift-buying this holiday season.


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