Simple Living Gift Ideas Anyone will Love!

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Finding the perfect gift to give to someone you care about can be a bit tricky, and maybe that is why you are here. Get a few unique and different ideas for gifts that are great for anyone that enjoys simple living. Gifts that you know your friends and family will love to receive. A checklist of gifts for simple living.

simple living gifts

Whether you are new to simple living or a full-blown homesteader, this gift list is something you might just love. A perfect gift list guide for anyone in your life that just loves to be outdoors and outside.  

It doesn’t matter where you live or what time of life you are in, there are easy things you can do to simplify your life just a bit. To remove some of our dependence on outside sources and learn to Grow it, Raise it, or Make it so we can live better. 

A simple life calls for simple, useful gifts. There are plenty of great ideas for the homesteaders in your life.

Perfect Ideas for Gifts for Simple Living

Many of these items I own so I can give a first-hand review of what it is, how it works, and why I like it.

Simple Living Gift #1.  Composting Bin

One of my favorite things to do is to create something out of nothing. In this case, turning trash into gardening gold. Even though I have a large compost pile out back, I love this little composter I keep below my kitchen sink. It is made of ceramic and has a filter to keep the smell down. And when I use the bags that come with it, I can so easily take the contents out back and toss them in.

No more making daily trips; now, I make one every other week and keep my daily to-do list a bit more manageable. 

This under the sink compost bin is a great example of a gift for the simple life.

Simple Living Gift #2.  Chore Sled

I am sure there is a more technical term for this lifesaver, but this is the name I gave mine, and I am sticking with it. I cannot tell you what a lifesaver this little sled is. It helps me to get my chores done without risking injury to my back and turns an arduous chore into an easy one. 

It is durable and can easily carry quite a bit. Even if I fill it with weight, I can still pull it quite easily. When it’s empty, it is lightweight as well and easy to pick up and move if I need it to.  

Gifts for simple living, like this chore sled, are best when they serve multiple purposes or make our lives easier.

Simple Living Gift #3.  Wheelbarrow or Wagon

These two gifts are listed together because it all depends on what type of person you are. Some folks are wheelbarrow people, and some folks are wagon people. 

I love both as I have many chores where one will work better than the other.

A wagon is good if you have back issues, as pulling tends to be easier than pushing.

On the other hand, a wheelbarrow tends to be more of a workhorse, allowing you to fill it up with heavier items and still get it from point A to point B without too much effort.

A wagon, like this one full of soil in a summer garden, is an excellent simple gift idea.

Simple Living Gift #4.  Wood Bag

This is another super practical gift that helps to keep your back from getting sore. A wood bag is great for carrying logs of wood to your fireplace without bending over too much to pick the logs up. I have a bad back, horrible actually, and these wood bags help me to bring in wood without too many issues.

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This bag that we use is simple yet surprisingly durable. Since we heat our home almost exclusively with wood, we must bring in several loads daily. These canvas bags work great and last quite a bit longer than expected.

All in all a great help to have in a simple living home. 

A simple wood bag is on every homesteaders list this holiday season.

Simple Living Gift #5.  Wood Splitter

This is one of those things that most folks need on a homestead. And on ours, it’s one of our most valuable tools. Heating our home with wood is how we can do more with what we have on our own land. And by splitting our own wood is an economical way as well. 

pile of split wood near a wood splitter

Clean out your woods of fallen trees and use a wood splitter to stock up on wood that you can then use to heat your home. One of the perks of living on a homestead. 

Simple Living Gift #6.  Heavy Duty Storage Containers

Whether or not you have animals, you may want to add this to your simple living gift list. I was so impressed with these containers and their quality I have been showing them off to anyone that comes to my home. Made of heavy-duty plastic with twist-on lids, you can use them to store just about anything without the risk of ants or mice getting inside. 

We had a bad mouse infestation in our barn one year, and anything stored in these containers was kept safe and sound. I use them to store my chicken, goat, and duck feeds.

You can also use them for any food storage, even for your family. Rice, flour, and sugar would all keep quite well in these containers. 

Shown is large size, but they have a smaller size as well if you are looking for a more compact option. 

Simple living often means bulk buying and storing. A great gift for those living the simple life are heavy duty storage containers, like these for pet food.


Simple Living Gift #7.  Instant Pot

For the longest time, I refused to purchase an instant pot believing it was a fad that I did not need to clutter up my kitchen. Then over the summer, I purchased one, and I cannot believe how much I love it! I can make soups, potatoes, veggies, and so much more; the flavors are simply amazing. 

I may even prefer an instant pot over my crockpot since I can make a manly bowl of chili in half the time!

Who doesn't love an instapot? It's a simple gift for people that don't have the time to spend cooking all day.

Simple Living Gift #8.  Patio Herb Garden

No matter where you live, you can have a garden. I write about this frequently on my blog because I strongly believe in it. Growing more and buying less is so essential to a simple lifestyle. Along with the fact that you know just exactly what you are putting into your body because you are eating foods you have grown from seed. 

Patio gardens have been around for years, but recently, they have been gaining in popularity. And the best part is, if you can grow it in the ground, you can probably grow it in a pot too. 

My favorite is this lovely herb garden. It is at a height that is easy to work and looks so good on the patio. It is also durable and does well out all summer long. 

A porch herb garden is a simple but thoughtful gift for those who want to homestead but don't have much land.

Sometimes it’s the simple tools that will help you along your journey to a simple life. 

Simple Living Gift #9.  Deep Fryer

Okay, maybe not the healthiest gift option out there, but if you love french fries, onion rings, or even lake perch, you need this on your pantry shelf. There is nothing more fun than a good old french fry party, which we always have when we break this baby out.

Our deep fryer has been on our shelf for years and is going strong! 

A simple life includes making your own food. Avoid fast food and get your own deep-fryer easy french fries and onion rings.

When finding a gift anyone will love, it might be best to find things that fit their life. Any of these gifts for a simple living may be perfect for anyone that loves the outdoors and the idea of simplifying their loves and likes to create a life they truly love. 

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  1. You have some nice suggestions! I have never seen a sled like that, I may put this on my own Christmas list!

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