Portable goat fencing

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If you are looking for ways to set up portable goat fencing, this will get you started. My number one way to house your goats so you can easily move them around your pasture and property.

No matter what type of goat fence ideas you are using now, having a portable option is a great thing to have just in case.


Introducing portable goat fencing to your family homestead is a great way to provide good, comfortable housing for your herd. This type of goat fencing offers practicality and convenience for goat owners, as it can be stored away when not in use, or moved around the farm with ease.

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As someone who has owned goats for years, I’ve learned to love portable goat fencing. Not only is it useful outside in a pasture but inside of the barn as well.

In this article, I’ll explain what makes goat fencing so great, how it works, and how you can store it away when not in use.

I you’re looking for a practical way to keep your goats safe and secure – you are in the right place.

goats in a pasture grazing on grass

What is portable goat fencing?

In a nutshell, goat fencing is built to provide an enclosed area for your goat herd. It is typically made up of panels of wire mesh, steel, or wood that are secured together and anchored to a post.

These fences can be used both indoors and outdoors, so you will always have the option of putting your goats in a secure area when they need it.

Portable goat fencing is lightweight and easy to transport, so it can be moved around your homestead quickly and easily without much help.

It also doesn’t require any special tools or complicated installation process – just assemble the panels and you’re ready to go.

Types of Portable Goat Fencing.

There are a few types of fencing that can be moved at a moment’s notice. Let’s talk about the most common.

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1. Electric Fence Netting

This is my top choice for movable goat fencing. Not only is it effective at fencing goats in a specific area, but it is easy to move and comes in various lengths.

This type of netting does not hold up well in the snow, so it will need to be taken down and stored away for the winter. This can be a bit tricky as this type of fencing can tangle easily.

How do you store electric fence netting?

We have found that PVC pipe works great to keep fence netting rolled up and free of tangles. Here’s how it works.

  1. Lay the fencing down on the ground.
  2. Fold it up using the sections as your guide.
  3. Once folded, lay the pipe at one end and gently roll the fence around it.
  4. Secure with hay twine and store up off the ground.

2. Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are one of those things that just about every homestead has a collection of. This option is a great low-cost way to section off one or more areas.

Pallets work great as portable fencing and can be quickly put up just about anywhere, but this option will do better for small projects over larger ones.

Extra supplies needed – heavy-duty fence posts or stakes to anchor the pallets in place.

#3. Steel Fence Panels

Another favorite of mine is using steel fence panels. I like this option because the strength of the panels will hold up well to goats. Goats like to stand on whatever they can find, and this option will hold up to repeated standing.

This type of fencing can be manipulated to form a circular pen which works well if you have a small area to work with.

Extra supplies needed – Heavy-duty stakes to anchor the fence into place. You will also need zip ties to attach the panels and secure them to the stakes.

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Where to use Portable Goat Fencing.

Portable means temporary, and when you are raising goats, I have found you need to be able to spin on a dime.

These are a few times a temporary fence will come in handy.

Goat kids

When you have young kids in a herd, it is helpful to have a separate spot to house them. This is called a goat kid pen. This is a separate pen for young goats will give the older goats in the herd a break and allow them grazing time without young kids running around or trying to nurse.

kids in a temporary pen in a barn

You can set up a corner in your barn with a low gate entry so only your kids can get in and out. This will keep that area free from mess and, in turn, keep a cleaner area for your young kids.

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Sick Bay.

If you do not have a stall available that you can use for goats that are injured or sick, you can section off a corner of your barn to keep goats that need time to heal. This helps the sick goat as she will still feel a part of the herd without the risk of her being bullied or getting injured as she recuperates.

a Nubian goat in a separate pen made with steel panels

Control Breeding.

If you have goats you do not want to be bred, you can separate them from the herd with a portable fence. This could be young does that are not yet of age or older does that are past breeding age.

Be sure whatever portable fence you choose it is sturdy enough to keep the buck out. A few ideas to consider are electric fence netting, 5 foot steel panels, or sturdy wood pallets.

buck breeding a Boer Goat in a pasture copy

Rotational grazing.

To help keep parasites to a minimum, moving your herd around your pasture is crucial to healthier grazing ground. Portable fencing will allow you to section off areas in your pasture, allowing the grazed areas to recover and grow up ensuring any parasite eggs to die off.

For our setup, we find that electric fence netting works perfectly for sectioning off portions of our pasture.

3 goats grazing in a meadow copy.heic

When raising goats, having a system and setup that works for you and your herd is crucial. Portable goat fencing is a key component that gives mobility that you can use both inside and outside of your barn.


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