Learn from an Amish Lifestyle – Get More Done In Less Time

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One of the perks that come along with living in the country is you are surrounded by Amish families. There is something about a buggy heading down the road that takes me to a place of peace.

That Amish lifestyle of a slow way of life that is free from distractions and wasted moments is something I would love to be a part of. A great reminder that living a simple life is a great way to create a life we enjoy.

Amish lifestyle

Another part of the Amish life I love is their work ethic.

The Amish homes that are near us always have such neat and tidy lawns. Gardens are free of weeds, and there are very few vegetables, if any, left out in the garden to rot.

Clotheslines are always full of clothes drying in the wind no matter the weather and men are always working in the fields.

Live like the Amish get more done in less time

It amazes me just how much the Amish can get tasks done without the use of many modern conveniences that litter our own lives.

But then I remember they are also free from most of the distractions that haunt us on a daily basis. Things that distract us enough to keep us from getting our to-do list completely done.

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Things like Facebook, social media, television, smartphones, and even radios can keep us from focusing on the task at hand.

And because we are more likely to be without that focus, we tend to take a. bit longer to accomplish items that need our attention.

Writing a to do list. live like the amish

I decided to try things out, living life at least partially as the Amish do just to see if I was able to get more done.

I shut everything off.

The phone, TV, Radio, and computer. I let my mind be in the moment and keep my focus on the tasks at hand.

At first, it was kind of creepy—all that silence.

Then something pretty amazing happened.

I got busy.

I just started doing things. I grabbed my list and just went from item to item checking things off like a mad woman.

Before I knew it had completed most of my weekly to-do list in less than a day. In.Less. Than. A. Day.

How crazy is that?

I was so incredibly surprised at the amount of distraction-free work I accomplished that I kept right on going. Killing that entire list in one day.


That little experiment made me realize that the Amish are onto something here. By living an Amish lifestyle and being present in the moment, I was able to do all the things in (much) less time.

Without all the distractions, the Amish have their minds focused on what is being done—giving 100% to the task at hand. And because of this, they can do things in a less stressed manner.

They are not jumping from job to job because they are easily distracted. They are, instead, focused and productive. Two things very few Englisher are able to be for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Sure, this is all well and good, but how do we implement these tips into our own lives?


Cue the checklist, please!

How To Live Like The Amish lifestyle And Get More Done

Step #1  It all begins with a list

As with anything I teach, you will not get too far without a good list. Grab a piece of paper and write down everything that needs to be accomplished this week. I like to sort things out by category just a bit to make them easier.

SLCG PRO TIP: You will not have ALL of these items on your list. The big and the very small. The key is to get it all down on paper and have a thorough list. This list will then be your guide that will help you pull the top 3 things in each section that need your attention this week.

  1. House cleaning – any and all things that need to be cleaned
  2. Laundry – gather clothes, wash, dry, iron, and put them away.
  3. Food prep – weekly menu, shopping list, baking, lunches
  4. Errands – current lists, budgeted money, Dr. appts/misc appts.
  5. Outside – flower beds, gardens, lawn care
  6. Paperwork – bill paying, budget, mail, filing
  7. Homestead/Farming – animal care, crop care, vehicle maintenance, outbuilding care.
  8. Misc – home repairs, crafts, sewing/mending, decluttering, organizing.
  9. Job/work – I would suggest a separate list here and a separate time frame to work on it.

Step #2  Pick a day

Choose a full day, or several partial days, that you will be able to work on your top items from your list. Put this date on your calendar right now….IN INK. This date/s is now set in stone and cannot be moved.

Yes, this will be your Amish lifestyle day!

a calendar with a red circle on the 17th day with the words, distraction free work day! written inside

Step #3  Unplug and focus

Remember, we are taking a cue from our Amish friends and their productive Amish lifestyle.

Shut those phones off! No computer. No radio. No television. 

Keep your focus on the project at hand and keep your head in the game. When you pay attention to only what is in front of you, you will be amazed at how much you can actually get done.

So much so, in fact, that you may just keep on going doing more than you ever thought possible. No more half-finished chores or projects. 

Just think, a made bed can quickly end up in a completely decluttered room!

Step #4  Dress the part

If I am in sneakers and dressed to work, I will do much better at getting things done. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you can be just as productive in slippers and PJs.

Dress without distractions. Dress the part and get more done. 

woman putting on sneakers. Live like the Amish get more done

Step #5  Just do it

Grab your list and a highlighter, and get busy. You know how much time you have. No excuses…you need to get it done. Get your head into the game and work on one item at a time.

You will be amazed at how focused you will be adopting a productive Amish lifestyle, all without any distractions at all.

I used to jump from job to job, from chore to chore, running like crazy and never getting anything done. Now that I have shut it all off, I can stay on the project at hand and get things done much more efficiently.

Step #6  Don’t get distracted

If you see something else that needs to be done while you are working, then stop and write it down on a new list for next week.

This will keep that new job from nagging you because you now know the focus will be paid later, and you can keep going on the task at hand.

This is why a thorough list from the beginning is so important. It keeps you from stressing about forgotten things.

I like to look at my list as a living and breathing thing. Something that changes from day to day. I can add to it whenever I need to, always being confident that all the things are finally getting done. 

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Step #7  Work smarter not harder

Do the toughest job first when your motivation and energy are at its peak.

Nothing keeps me moving more than checking a tough job off my list. By getting the biggest chores out of the way early and working your way down the list from hard to simple, you will keep from losing your mojo.

There is this great book called: Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy that I highly recommend. This one book has completely changed things for me. I am now getting so much more done simply because I do the hardest, most important jobs first.

Step #8  Keep things realistic

Now I am not saying this system will help you to declutter your entire home in an hour. What I am saying is that by unplugging and focusing, you will get more done in less time.

As you get more done, you will see where bigger projects need to be taken care of. Like cleaning out your kitchen cabinets. Yes, it can be tempting to dive right in while you are unloading the dishwasher, but I caution against that. 


Instead, save big projects like this for big days.

You can tackle one large project a weekend until you are all caught up or even just one project a month. As you get better at working this way, you will find bigger jobs less overwhelming and easier to accomplish in less time.

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Step #9  Lead by example

The best part about living like the Amish is your family. As they see the change in your home and in you they will begin to see the benefits of unplugging.

You can begin helping your family unplug by the no-tech dinner rule. Do a complete unplug for every dinnertime meal and encourage everyone to talk more. 

SLCG PRO TIP: Place a pretty basket like this one on your kitchen counter. Have family members place all electronics inside until dinner is over.

Still, having trouble getting the kids to unplug for dinner? Try playing High-Low.

Each person tells the low for their day. Something that upset them or made them sad. Discuss what would have made the situation better or how they could handle things next time.

After everyone has spoken, each person then tells the high for their day. Something that made them smile or made someone else smile. This is a much more fun and great way to end the meal.

The best part about this game is hearing about everyone’s day without getting the old “nothing” response when you ask. By making it a routine and fun dinner-time game, your family will actually take more notice of their day and what is happening around them just so they will have something awesome to report on at dinner.

Unplug for dinner. Live like the Amish and get more done.

Step #10  Unplug to sleep better

Another tip from a productive Amish lifestyle is to read every evening.

The Amish spend time as a family or by themselves reading something fun or informative. This is a great way to calm and quiet your mind so you can get to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

It is a proven fact that those that fall asleep with their phones or with the television are getting a less restful sleep. Those folks are also the ones that tend to wake up tired and never fully rested.

I rarely see the Amish yawn. Have you ever noticed that?

They wake up early, almost what we call the middle of the night, and start working right away. They literally go full board most of the day long.

Whenever I come in contact with an Amish friend, they are wide away and quite pleasant. It is obvious they are sleeping better. That alone is worth it to me to shut off and unplug before bed.

live like the Amish

It amazes me how much we have to learn from those that do it all by hand. Where some folks think the Amish are behind and out of touch, I believe they have found the key to a happy life.

Shut it off and be present in your day.

Get more done with less effort. Own less so you are cluttered less. Eat better so you live healthier. All of these things are what I want in my own life. By having an “Amish” day or two each week, I am hoping I can do just that.

What do you admire about the Amish lifestyle? Share in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. I love #6 and will adopt it right away. I find that I get distracted while doing a task, and a new list makes so much sense! What do you suggest for so much work of these days that require being on the computer? That is where I get most distracted. xoxo

    1. Hi, Kari!!!
      yes, this article was a bit eye-opening for me as well.
      When I spend most of my days working on my computer, it is important for me to remember that moderation is best. There is a time and a place for things and letting go a few minutes or hours each week is important for me to remember where my energy and focus needs to be.
      A few tips for us computer lovers!
      1. Begin each day slow and intentional. Wait to plug-in after your morning routine has been completed.
      2. Shut down while eating. This is a hard one for me!!
      3. Choose a full day or even just an afternoon to unplug. Use that time for family, fun, or other work and focus. Set this time in stone and put it on your calendar not to be looked over or skipped. Write it in INK so you are aware of its importance. 🙂
      Habit and routine is the best way to learn how to limit distractions and how they can quickly eat up the minutes in our days!
      Thanks for stopping by, it was so good to hear from you friend!
      Tracy Lynn

  2. SO Much great advice packed in one article! Thank you so much for sharing with us at the Homestead Blog Hop. I hope we see you again this Wednesday. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love it , will be doing more,I think it is helpful,I am a struggling widow, thank you,,

    1. Judy Johnson says:

      Being a widow means that your whole routine is disrupted. Routine is critical for an orderly life. You will also find that your energy level has dropped. Make the lists and include doing one little thing nice for yourself every day. Just prioritize the rest and maybe even ask for help. I have been a widow for almost 5 years. I have joined a local group and reach out to several of the ladies by email during the quarantine. I think it does as much for me as it does for the others. Good luck to you

      1. Best wishes to you, Judy.
        Being alone is hard and you are doing what you can to reach out. Yes, lists help and I love the reminder to do something nice for yourself every day. Sometimes I forget that part. 🙂
        All the best,
        Tracy Lynn

      2. Best wishes to you Judy
        It’s hard to live a widow
        But you are strong
        And remember always Queens

  4. Thank You for all your advise. I pretty much do everything you do without turning off everything electronic .but I’m going to start and turn everything off and see how much faster I get things done. Now if I could get my husband motivated like this too, it should be a breeze!!
    I have a day of the week when I do certain things and I try to stick to that, but I do get distracted and that’s what I have to work on.

    1. Yes, I find turning things off is a huge respite for my mind. It really does help to calm my scattered thoughts a bit allowing me to focus more easily.
      Good luck!
      Tracy Lynn

  5. What a wonderful way to live, makes me really think, I love the past when I was growing up, things were a lot slowly, more family life, , I agree with th3 electronics, I for a few days didn’t go in my iPad reading fb, and was must more calm, besides doing my am reading and praying surely made me a happier person I noticed , live by myself, can get a bit lonely, then I run and see the grandkids, loved reading your post,✝️✡️☮️Patricia

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