Amish daily schedule

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If you are looking for a focused and productive daily plan, then this example of an Amish daily schedule may be what you are looking for.

Tips on living a simple life that is relaxed yet still gets the things done that need your attention every day and week.


Where we live, there are all walks of life, which is unique for a rural area. One group that brings curiosity over others is the Amish. It is not unusual to drive past an Amish home any time of the year and see clothes on the line, families working outside, and rugs lying over the banister.

The Amish are a very productive group of people, and I love to find tips and examples of how they work through their days so I can share them with others.

The Amish community is often seen as people with a good work ethic and a strong sense of community. They typically avoid (or shun) modern conveniences such as electricity, automobiles, and phones, to name a few.

The Amish are mainly farmers, craftsmen, and artisans, and oftentimes, folks are curious about their ability to lead highly productive, organized, and efficient lives without the aid of modern technology. Their everyday tasks, whether that be feeding the chickens, working in the garden, or creating a new quilt, are done with a sense of devotion and focus. Their productivity is not based on stress or urgency but instead on the value and belief of hard work and community. I think that is why so many outsiders are fascinated with how they live. They seem less rushed yet able to get much more done in a day.

Amish Daily Schedule

If you want to have more productive days without running yourself ragged, this example of an Amish daily plan may be helpful and inspire you to make a few small yet life-altering changes.

The Early Morning Start

The Amish like to get up early, like really, really early, oftentimes well before dawn. This is based on the old farming tradition of ‘making hay while the sun shines.’ Starting the day early allows them to take full advantage of the daylight hours, maximizing their productivity.

woman stretching waking up in the morning

Why do the Amish get up so early?

There are many reasons why the Amish like to get up early:

  1. The Amish like to get up early so they can take advantage of as many daylight hours as they can. Since they do not use electric lighting, daylight is a tool they like to use whenever they can.
  2. Getting up early encourages better sleep and overall healthier well-being.
  3. Mornings, being quiet and peaceful, provide a perfect time for contemplation and planning for the day ahead.
  4. Early rising provides extra hours for work, allowing the Amish to accomplish more tasks, whether it’s farming, crafting, or household chores.

Early rising is a core Amish belief that shows the value of industry and hard work and their ability to lead highly organized and productive lives.

Morning Routine of the Amish

The morning is an important part of the Amish daily schedule and for good reason. An early start is a great way to use the time you have wisely.

Before Breakfast:

  • After waking, they often begin their day with prayer, setting the tone for all the tasks that lie ahead.
  • This is followed by tending to the farm animals, a crucial task that requires dedication and commitment.
  • They might then move on to milking cows, feeding chickens, or cleaning barns.

Breakfast Prep

  • Meanwhile, in the kitchen, breakfast preparation gets underway.
  • The Amish are known for their hearty, homemade meals, and breakfast is no exception. It often includes farm-fresh eggs, home-cured bacon, fresh fruits, and homemade bread.
  • Cooking is performed on wood or gas stoves, and food is prepared from scratch, emphasizing the value they place on self-reliance and sustainability.

After Breakfast

After breakfast, the household chores follow.

  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Washing dishes

Everyone in the family, from the youngest to the oldest, contributes in their own way.

Typical Amish Work Day

The workday of an Amish depends on the season and their work profession. These tasks may vary, but everyone has a consistent focus on agriculture, craftwork, and business.

In the home

There are many tasks that take place in the home every day just like in ours.

  • Prepping for lunch and dinner
  • Cleaning floors
  • Beating rugs
  • Doing laundry
clothes hanging outside on the line daily amish schedule


The Amish are renowned for their expertise in farming, which includes livestock, crops, and large gardens.

  • Planting and harvesting crops
  • Taking care of livestock
  • Maintaining farm equipment
  • Canning and preserving produce
  • Selling food wares at local markets

Their farming methods are often traditional, avoiding most modern machinery in favor of horse-drawn or man-powered tools.


Craftwork plays a significant role in the Amish workday.

  • Making furniture
  • Quilting
  • Blacksmithing
  • Creating other handmade goods

Attention to detail and a commitment to quality are key traits seen in the Amish craft tradition.

Business Activities

In recent times, many Amish have diversified into small-scale businesses.

  • Selling their farm produce or handicrafts directly to consumers
  • Running local stores or bakeries
  • Providing services such as construction.

The Amish workday is a testimony to their belief in leading a simple, honest life devoted to community, faith, and hard work.

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Afternoon Break

Amish practices for rest and relaxation in the afternoon are something we tend to skip over completely. Their example is a good reminder that recharging every day is an important part of a simple and productive life.

  • Adults may spend this time reading religious scriptures or indulging in light conversation with family and neighbors.
  • For children, afternoon break often means playtime like outdoor games such as volleyball or kickball.
  • Depending on the season, families might do group activities like apple picking, canning, quilting, or simply sitting on the porch together.

This deliberate slowing down in the afternoon helps them to live a balanced and simple life.

Evening Tasks

In the evening, the Amish finish up evening chores before slowing down.

Dinner Prep

  • Preparing dinner is often a family event, with most everyone chipping in to help.
  • They prepare simple, hearty meals from scratch, using produce harvested from their own gardens or farms.
  • Family dinners are a time for talking and catching up from a good, productive day.

After Dinner

  • Feeding and watering livestock
  • Milking cows
  • Ensuring all animals are safely housed for the night.
  • Cleaning up after dinner
  • Washing dishes

Before Bed

  • Redding up the home
  • Mending clothes
  • Repairing tools that may have been broken during the day
  • Spending time reading or quiet contemplation

Ending the day with relaxed chores and time in thought and reflection, I think is a gem that the Amish rely on. Many times, we run from morning til bed, and their purposeful slowdown allows both their bodies and their brains to better prepare for rest.

The Amish lifestyle, though different from ours offers lessons we can all learn from. By focusing on simplicity, hard work, and close family bonds, they have a balanced and grounded life. By adopting a few of these aspects we can create a routine that still incorporates modern conveniences yet gives us a more centered daily plan to follow.

This Amish daily schedule example urges us to fill our lives with deliberation and mindfulness, taking us out of autopilot and helping us to be more involved in each moment, no matter how small.

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