Why You Need A Calendar File

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How to set up and use a calendar file to completely change the way you run your home and schedule your week. 

We’ve all been there.

You are at the doctor having something looked at and they want you to come back in 6 months for a recheck. So you make the appointment and 6 months later you forget all about it. Now, not only are you forced to reschedule but in some cases, you are charged a “no show” fee as well.

Yes, it would be so nice to have a streamlined and organized schedule, but how?

Jump start your productivity and simplify your life by creating a calendar file.

What you need is a simple and easy way to set up a calendar file. 

What is a Calendar File?  

Simply put, a calendar file is a holding file for all the items that you need to remember at a future date. Like a picnic, party, or appointment. Sure you can just write them down on your calendar but by having a file too you will be better able to not just remember where you need to be and when, but also what you need to do or bring as well. This tip can really help you to better schedule out your week in the most efficient way. 

Writing things on your calendar is one thing, setting up reminders on your phone is another…..but having all items pertaining to those dates in one easy-to-find place is a game-changer.

I have a file folder in my desk drawer labeled “Calendar”. This is where I keep anything and everything that pertains to what is written in my planner. Sure you can write down important dates and appointments, but what do you do with the paperwork or notes that go along with those dates? Paperwork like fasting instructions for bloodwork, or the invitation for a dinner party that reminds you what dish to bring? 

This file will hold all those papers in one easy to find spot and help you to better organize your schedule.

To see a calendar file in action, let’s take a peek at mine right now. Items in my file folder include doctor appointment cards, notes for my tax accountant, party invites, mulch prices along with contact information, and summer camp registration dates.

I cannot tell you how this one simple tip has saved me time and time again. If you have not used a calendar file get ready to change your life with my silly simple tip!

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How to Use a Calendar File to Better Schedule Out Your Week

Step #1  How to Set Up a Calendar File

The best place to keep your calendar file is in a place where you normally do your schedule. This can be in an office or the kitchen or even in a portable filing tote. Remember out of sight is out of mind and the key to making this system work the very best way is to keep it front and center where you will see it.

Once you choose the best location, set up a file folder and keep it at the front of your files. I like to keep mine in the desk drawer in my office, but a pretty basket or bin in your kitchen will work just as well. The tip is to keep it easy. If it’s easy to use….you will use it.

Step #2  Start Filling it Up

Place any items along with relevant information in the file for easy access. I like to put anything and everything in my calendar file that has a date. (I have even included notes of gift ideas for hard purchase family members.) This way you will always know where time-related items are and can easily get to them.

A few ideas are:

  • Invitations to graduations, parties, or other events.
  • Doctor appointment reminder cards.
  • Yearly tasks such as ordering plants for the garden or the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Gift ideas for your parent’s 50 wedding anniversary.
  • Date of your driver’s license renewal.
  • Notes from last year’s holiday party so you can refer to them this year.
  • Anything that has a recurring date such as a note for monthly flea meds for your pet. 

Step #3. Be Sure to Use it

When writing out and setting up your calendar for the new month, be sure to refer to your calendar file. I will page through every item inside of the file whether it pertains to the current month or not. I find refreshing my memory of upcoming personal events helps to keep me on top of things.

Step #4. Make a Note

As you write up your schedule you may find items that pertain to the current month, as you do write them out on your calendar. Clip any information found in the calendar file to the month so you have it handy when the date arrives. Finally, add an * on that date to remind yourself that there is more information included. 

If a date requires attention, I will include a note in the file as well. For example, if I have a dinner party invite, I will put a note on the invite to remind me of what dish I am to make, if there are any allergies to consider, and also to bring a hostess gift.

Step #5. Keep Your Calendar File Current

Remove any items from your calendar that are no longer needed to keep things cleaned out. You can simply do this each month as you are going through things. 

A calendar file is like having a personal assistant who reminds you of your appointments and the things you need for the day.

By taking this simple step you will, in turn, get better control of your schedule. It’s like having a person there to remind you of things that until now, may have been falling through the cracks just a bit. 

No more forgetting previously made appointments.  

No more missing signups for summer camp.  

No more missing your window for starting seeds in time for spring planting.  

No more forgetting to bring a gift to a party.

No more going over budget for a party this year because you forgot how much food you made last year. 


This is so simple it’s silly and that is why it works!

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Set up a calendar file to get back in control of your schedule and remove some of the stress that comes with forgetting things that will not be so much easier to remember. 



Use this one tip to never forget an appointment again.

Create a much better weekly schedule system and declutter your life.


  1. Great idea! I am always hunting for papers that go with an appointment or engagement.

    1. Hi, Kathy,
      I cannot tell you how much this one little file has saved me! Hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. 🙂
      Tracy Lynn

  2. Kasaundra says:

    I am enjoying reading everything you have here!! Really trying to purge/declutter my home. I love the Sunday’s basket I read about that somethwere else a few months ago. Your calendar file seems similar to a tickler file. I definitely think I’m going to do yours or the tickler file to keep all those papers, apppointment cards, invites, etc organized. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Hi, Kasaundra!

      I love my calendar file! It has saved me more times than I can count. I used to spend so much time looking for things and that one little file stopped all of that.
      Yes, the Sunday basket is another favorite tip of mine I learned about from a reader! It is now part of my weekly routine and has saved me so much time with paperwork. Rather than working on paper clutter every single day, I do it all in one shot on Sundays while I am planning out my week. It really is a great tip!
      Happy Decluttering!
      Tracy Lynn

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