Container Gardening Supply List

This resource page is specifically for patio gardening. A Container Gardening Supply List that you can turn to again and again.

Gardening in containers might just be my new favorite thing to do. As I get older my back does not like me bending over for hours at a time and that means I need to do what I can to bring things up to my level.

Container gardening is also great if you are short on space. Whether that means you live in the city or are renting a home, growing your vegetable garden in portable containers is a solution to many situations. 

Container Gardening Supply list

Before we dive in, I do want to remind you that most of the supplies you will need to garden in containers you may already have. This will allow you to skip over some of the sections I have listed out on this page. 

I do want to be thorough so you know what will help you to have on hand. Remember, to shop your home first before you head out to the store to buy. My goal is to do as much as I can without spending money so this is more of a guide that you can then use to work from. 

Prep Your Containers Before Planting

There are two things you will want to do before using any containers for your vegetable plants.

First. With any containers that you plan to use that are not new, please be sure to wash and sterilize them before planting. Use a bleach/water mixture of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Wipe down and rinse thoroughly. 

plastic plant containers dawn dish soap and bleach on a counter

Second. Make sure there is drainage. Most containers that you repurpose may not have ample drainage for your plants. To fix this you can add in a few drainage holes at the bottom using a hammer and nails. You can also use a drill to do the same job a bit more quickly. 

Container Gardening Supply List

Containers for Large Plants

Containers for Small Plants

Container for Potatoes

Containers for Herbs

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