DIY Chicken Coop and Run

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Adding chickens to your home can be overwhelming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. We will talk about how you can DIY a chicken coop and run, starting off your raising chicken journey on the very best foot.

diy chicken coop and run

Having a chicken coop and run is essential for keeping your backyard birds safe, happy, healthy, and secure. We’ve got some great tips to help you get started on building your own DIY chicken coop and run, being sure to include each part a chicken needs to be happy and healthy. Whether you purchase plans or transform a shed into your new chicken’s home, there are a few things to know about space and room for your flock.

How big of a chicken coop do you need?

When deciding on the size of your chicken coop, you need to consider how many chickens you will have. As a general rule, each chicken should have about four square feet in their run and ten square feet per bird inside the coop for sleeping. If you’re planning to raise ten or more birds, then it may be a good idea to plan for more space than just the bare minimum.

a chicken coop and run with a blooming apple tree in front

Chicken Coop

When deciding on the design of your chicken coop, the main things to consider are protection from predators and weather. The walls should be built with wire mesh or wood panels so that it is strong enough to deter any animals that may want to get in. It should also have a roof and be closed in to protect against rain, wind, and snow.

Nesting Boxes

The coop should also have an enclosed area where the chickens can lay their eggs. These are called nesting boxes, and they can be made out of any item you may have around your home. Boxes, crates, and even buckets are all things to consider using.

a diy chicken nesting box setup in a backyard near a coop


Additionally, you will want to make sure that your coop is well-ventilated but not drafty. You can do this by adding windows or vents that are covered with a layer of wire mesh to keep out predators.

Chicken Run

Be sure to include an open area outside of the coop for your chickens to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. You want the area to be large enough to allow the chickens plenty of space to roam around to scratch or take a dust bath. Make sure that the walls or sides of the run are high enough to keep flying predators out.

a chicken coop and run with an apple tree in the front


Finally, chickens need a safe place to roost at night that is up off the ground. This can be done by adding perches to the inside of the coop made of wood or branches.

When planning the design of your chicken coop, you should consider protection from predators and weather, nesting boxes, ventilation, a chicken run with tall sides to protect against flying predators, and roosts for your chickens. With these considerations in place, you will be able to give your birds an enjoyable home in which they can thrive.

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