Benefits of Backyard Chickens

When you know the many benefits of backyard chickens you can get excited knowing you will have farm fresh eggs in your kitchen soon. If you want to learn how to raise chickens in your own backyard it can be a bit overwhelming with all the information out there. Sure you can find posts on Pinterest, chicken groups on Facebook, blogs, and even actual “hold in your hand to read” books.  There is so much to sift through just to get the information you need. Here at Simple Living Country Gal we hope to make this entire process easier. 

benefits of backyard chickens

Making the decision to add backyard chickens is the easy part, setting up a chicken coop, safe and secure chicken run, the food, water, and care can all be a bit overwhelming. I have been raising chickings off and on for over 20 years and during that time I learned quite a bit. Helpful tips, what to watch for, and what to avoid. I hope that by sharing what I learned with you, you can add chickens to your own backyard starting today. 

Benefits of Backyard Chickens

Having backyard chickens is the best way to get farm fresh organic eggs every single day. Just a few hens can keep your entire family in eggs. Eggs you can use for breakfast, baking, cooking and so much more. To be sure you have a flock of hens that are healthy so they can produce as many eggs as they can this resource is just what you need. 

Backyard Baby Chicks

First, you will need to get a handful of baby chicks. You can get chicks each spring from your local feed mill or anytime throughout the year through the mail. Yes, you can order healthy baby chicks that will get shipped to you in the mail.

Before you order, however, you will want to have a small temporary home set up. This is called a brooder and there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Backyard Chicken Coop Setup

Once your chicks grow their feathers and are ready for the outdoors you will want to have a shelter, also known as a chicken coop, all setup and ready to go. You can purchase plans to build a chicken coop or you can adapt a building you have now and turn it into a secure chicken coop. 

Healthy Backyard Chickens

Next, you will want to be sure your chickens are healthy and safe so they can continue to lay farm fresh eggs all year long. 

Chicken Coop Upkeep

Being prepared before you bring home your first baby chicks will be a benefit for both you and your entire flock. Set up a chick care binder and print out the information you know you may need later on. This helpful resource is a great way to have the help you need close by whenever you need to look back on it again. 

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