Essential Oils. My Skeptical Journey.

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Ahhhh, Essential oils, the new buzz word.  Everywhere you look you see them.  On Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram…heck they are even in Walmart now.  Why it took me so long to try my own hand at oils is easy to answer.[spacer height=”20px”]

I am by far the biggest skeptic out there.[spacer height=”20px”]

essential oils are so much more that ingredients to homemade cleaners. They are truly life changing!

You see I would hear people talk about oils and I would glaze over and zone out.  In my mind, there was just no way 1 or 2 drops of oil could be life changing.  Impossible I thought.  No way.[spacer height=”20px”]

Then I started my farm.[spacer height=”20px”]

Animals are funny creatures you see.  They act fine pretty much all of the time. Even when they are sick or getting sick.  When they finally did act ill I was usually in over my head and I was fighting an uphill battle trying to get them better.  I would pump them full of medications, give them shots and doses while running around in the dark trying to cure what was wrong.  [spacer height=”20px”]

At first, I was using all kinds of medications.  My front closet was FULL of pills, liquids, and shots.  The money I spent on those drugs still baffles me.  After a while, I thought there must be a better way.  A safer way to do things.[spacer height=”20px”]

I began to research and that is when I was brought back to Essential Oils.[spacer height=”20px”]

At this point, my only experience with oils was cleaning supplies.  I loved how they worked in my home but never thought about giving them to my animals.  I found a few blogs that were using oils on their farms with great success and began reading, researching and asking lots of questions.  I started trying them out and actually saw results. Before I knew it I was hooked.[spacer height=”20px”]

The next step in my oil using reform was to try them on myself. [spacer height=”20px”]

I started out slowly….very slowly….always the skeptic.  It all began with an ointment that I used on my crack and incredibly sore fingertips.  It still amazes me how such tiny little cuts can be so incredibly painful.  In the past I used over the counter tiple antibiotic with slow results.  When I finally tired the essential oil ointment, my cuts were better in less than a day.  LESS THAN 1 DAY.  This was my game changer and I have not looked back since. [spacer height=”20px”]

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Today oils are a part of my life.  I have learned to use oils to support good health rather than wait for illness to hit. No longer do I depend on drugs with names I cannot pronounce that are quite possibly doing more harm than good.   My animals have never been healthier and I owe it all to my little magical bottles.[spacer height=”20px”]

Now I not only use oils in my home and on my farm but my family is using them as well. Making the switch from farm to home was simple.  We started with small cuts and stomach upset then graduated to migraines and muscle pain.  I simply cannot explain what a difference these little bottles have made in our lives.  No longer do we wait to get sick THEN treat.  Now we keep the germs at bay and enjoy health year round.[spacer height=”20px”]

I have learned to be proactive in all aspects of our lives.  We grow most of our own food and raise even more.  We use natural cleaners and freshen our homes with pure scents.  No longer do I rely on the crutch of painkillers and antibiotics.  If you are constantly feeding yourself with pure and natural ingredients you are creating a haven of health. Simple……true.[spacer height=”20px”]

I am so excited with how oils have changed my life, I am on a mission to help others do the same.  In my experience, all good things start small and for me this good thing all started with just a couple little bottles.[spacer height=”20px”]

If you are tired of getting sick and being, well, just tired.   If you want to improve the health of your family and your home.  If you want to give better care to your pets or your livestock.  Now is the time for a change.  Take responsibility for your health.  Work to stay healthy rather than wait to get sick. [spacer height=”20px”]

Email me to find out more how essential oils can completely change your life one drop at a time![spacer height=”20px”]

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